Software Licensing: Why It’s Important and How It Can Help You

Software licensing is nothing more than an authorization granted for use. That is, when an organization acquires licenses, it receives authorization to use the software, respecting the due restrictions described in the contract signed with the supplier.

Basically, it is the same thing that happens in the case of buying a literary work, for example. Those who benefit from their intellectual production must remunerate, in some way, the developer, except for “open software” – those whose code is intended for the public domain.

Therefore, the acquisition of a software license, in the most common format that is marketing It gives tool, it is identical to buying a book: the buyer does not conquer possession, he only has the right to use intellectual property.

The Importance Of The Software License

Some organizations do not have a full understanding of how to program licenses. They work or just neglect your purchase, and that can become a serious problem, with even legal consequences.

Although original software may seem very expensive, causing certain companies to believe that they are not able to commit resources to this type of investment, software implementation to the detriment of the license terms is considered piracy and may result in the accusation of appropriation improper

Software License And Information Security

However, guaranteeing that the system used is, in fact, an original version, in addition to legally protecting the company, guarantees information security, aspirated instruments may contain vulnerabilities, due to the lack of updates and support, for example.

And, we know, Information Security is today one of the main concerns of companies. According to an investigation of Easy Solutions, 95% of people still do not know how to identify a phishing email.

Having unlicensed solutions can put the entire corporate ecosystem in danger, as users do not have security updates provided regularly by the manufacturer, among other problems that increase vulnerabilities.

Software License And Technical Performance

Another very relevant aspect refers to the performance of the solutions used in the day-to-day operation of organizations. Pirated instruments generally have data processing problems – and, of course, a company that makes use of such a system cannot count on the support of the developer business.

The Benefits Of The Software License

In addition to avoiding the problems listed above, make the acquisition of the correct licenses, compatible with the customer’s demands. Business can also help businesses save medium.

After all, a good strategy to be implemented is, instead of acquiring numerous licenses, to negotiate with the developer business one that contains multiple users. With this, the organization can achieve a more advantageous contract.

The more committed business with the proper licenses of the software you use, the more bargaining power you will have before the providers of technological solutions and services.

How do you manage your company with a software license? Is this issue already a concern in the governance of your business IT? You will learn how to protect yourself from virtual risks!

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